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So what happens in your classroom when you return from Thanksgiving break, but still have a few weeks before you get to finals and Christmas break?

In my case, I am normally trying to wrap up units that I had started previously, but this year with my seniors, that just isn’t the case. We finished up our novel a couple weeks ago and we reviewed and took the end-of-book test before Thanksgiving break. The question then became, “so now what?”

Well with seniors, we all know that senioritis can set in at any time, so what better way to distract them than by having them focus on themselves? Today I began a writing assignment with said seniors where they will be writing a Personal Narrative Essay. As is to be expected, they all started to moan and groan when they heard the word “essay” but as soon as I started to explain they would be writing about themselves the grumblings started to disappear. It’s amazing to see how they react when they find out they will be focusing on themselves.

So today was merely an overview and some review on the components required for a personal narrative, but we ended the day with the students pairing up and interviewing each other. Their assignment….write an introduction about your partner based on your interview. How do you get other people interested in this person?    -We will see the results tomorrow. Wish me luck and happy teaching!