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Let me tell you, teachers and staff working in schools enjoy their breaks as much as the students do. It gives us a chance to spend time with their families and have a mental break as well. We spend so much time planning, grading, teaching, meeting, coaching that often times our days are filled with work and we don’t get the opportunity to spend as much “down time” or QT as we would like.

While we do continue to do work over our breaks, the pace is slower and not as demanding. We are able to take the time to drink our coffee slowly and enjoy working from our couches with the dog settled at our feet.

I have had the time to enjoy watching the snow fall instead of worrying about driving home in it. While I have still had games and practices over break, the atmosphere for me is better because that is all I need to focus on that day instead of combining it with the long school day. I am able to focus on improving skills at practice and making sure we are performing at our highest level.

But the one thing that I truly enjoy being able to do while on break is fulfill my inner-nerd. I am able to read books that I’ve been wanting to read for pleasure. I don’t have to analyze the text as I am reading it and can simply enjoy the words on the page. I am free to feed my book addiction and not feel as though I am neglecting my students as I become absorbed in the novel I’ve pulled off the shelf (today it’s The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer).

So I will take these last few days of break to enjoy my coffee and my books before I start thinking about new lesson plans for the semester. I hope all are enjoying their breaks, taking time to relax!