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What I didn’t see in the halls today.

What I expected to see today….Heads down on desks, students dragging their feet from class to class, hushed rooms, students not quite awake all day because it’s their first real day back from Winter Break.

What I saw instead….Excitement, students full of energy, students falling right back into their routines for school (such as journals in my classes).

I can honestly say I was shocked. Especially since my building had finals yesterday, I was expecting my students to be walking around the school like zombies. Instead, every hour I had students in my room, awake and ready to get back to work. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining about this one tiny little bit…I’m just still trying to process the liveliness of my students today.

I will blame this phenomenon on the unusually warm weather that we have been having this week in Illinois. I also think that since we have already had a snow day, the students aren’t whining and complaining saying they should be getting out of school.

The great thing about today, was that I was able to jump right into my plans for 3rd quarter with all of my classes today. A new semester means a new start for all of my students: Seniors get to learn about and read Shakespeare, Juniors will be writing a research paper on an author, and Sophomores will be writing a research paper on a 4-year college they are interested in. Hopefully we can keep up all of this great energy and we get back to our daily grind.

I hope everyone’s day went as well as mine did today! Happy teaching all!