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Technology bites

Sometimes technology is our friend. Sometimes it is really NOT our friend at all.

Lately, I’ve felt like technology is out to get me. I believe that I am fairly proficient when it comes to operating the many devices I come in contact with on a daily basis. I use my iPhone, write my blog posts while on my laptop, use the desktop computer in my classroom, operate the SmartBoard, read on my Nook, watch TV, and who knows how many other “smart” devices I come in contact with at school and throughout the day. Technology is constantly evolving, but sometimes I feel that it is becoming too smart.

The electronic devices that I use, I believe, are conspiring against me. Very recently, for example, my SmartBoard has become a DumbBoard. It happened that one day I turned on my computer, put up the day’s journal prompt for my students on the SmartBoard, but the “Smart” part was no longer working. I couldn’t click on the board, couldn’t write on it…it was simply a very expensive projector. (It’s still that way. Our wonderful tech lady is still trying to figure it out.) Additionally, my iPhone must be in cahoots with my SmartBoard. I say this because at random times, my phone will not end calls. It does not matter how many times I hit the “end” button, or try to turn off the phone, the call keeps going. Thankfully, the people on the other side of the calls have not realized this-like I said, this occurs at random times.

However, the kicker happened just the other day. I had scheduled my evaluation with my principal for this week. This evaluation was scheduled for my 8th hour class. (I wanted him to come in while I introduced peer editing to some of my students.)

The day started off great. I was feeling prepared, I was getting set in my room during my prep when in walked my principal. The first words out his mouth were, “I just had to share this with you.” Not knowing where he was going with this, I turned from my computer as he walked further into my room. He then went on to tell me that he was using Siri on his phone to set a reminder for my evaluation. He then started to chuckle as he told me, when Siri repeated the reminder back to him, Siri no longer wanted him to evaluate me. Siri now wanted my principle to “annihilate” me during my 8th hour class.

It was then that I knew it was official. I could no longer hide from it. The conspiracy had extended beyond my own devices and had now included others in on their plot to rid me from their very complex world. It was official…I was to be annihilated. (Obviously, they will need to continue to try…unless my laptop figures out some way to succeed, I will continue my posts.)