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Any teacher who works in a high school knows all about the week of Homecoming, This week is one that can go one of two ways: The first is you can embrace Spirit Week or it can ruin your week by having all kinds of distractions.

Now normally Homecoming week for most schools is in the Fall during the football season. However, since the school I work for co-ops with another school for football, we have our Homecoming during our basketball season.

This Friday will be our game for this season’s Homecoming game, which means all of this week is our Spirit Week. As a student in high school myself, this was always my favorite week. Where we could get dressed up and show our school spirit in funky ways. Now as a teacher, I find that I am enjoying this week just as much.

Yes, we have some crazy schedules during the week where some of our classes are cut short. But in the spirit of the week, sometimes it’s more fun to just go with the flow and give in to the craziness of Spirit Week. Instead of fighting what is inevitable, I have found that it is better to just dive right in and run at this week head on.

I have in fact found that even these first two days this week, by participating in the themed days, the kids have more fun and the outfits are less distracting to everyone if I’m there right along all of my students. An added benefit is that the students realize that I am there to support them in everything they do. Being a teacher and showing support to the kids extends beyond just teaching: it includes asking about their lives, going to their games, being involved at school….and yes, dressing up for Spirit Week.

I must say, my involvement even in these first two days has already surpassed any effort I have made the past couple of years for Halloween. Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures from Monday’s Decades Day and Tuesday’s “Tall-T” Day, which is apparently another way of being “Ghetto-Fabulous.”

The teachers representin'

Some of the teachers “keepin’ it real” for Tuesday’s Tall-T day. (I’m on the far left.)

Me and my coworker representing the '80s

The two English teachers showing their 80s style for Monday’s Decades Day.