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Today is Sunday. The last day of the weekend, but I would still like to have another day off. I have not had a day in a while where I have not done anything work related. As a teacher and a coach, I am constantly working – even on weekends.

This is especially true this year since I am coaching high school cheerleading during basketball season instead of junior high. The season is longer, the games are more and there are higher demands for the squad at the high school level. We also have our fundraisers that need to go on every year.

Last year, on weekends, I spent most of my time planning lessons. As a new teacher in my district last year I was creating my own curriculum. (The plus of being the only high school English teacher – yes, I said only – was being able to teach the material I wanted to as long as it met the state standards.) This year, I am not only making lesson plans and grading, but also working on whatever I need to for cheerleading.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to be working and I love my students and my cheerleaders. But I would also be extremely happy to be able to have a day with my dog and my husband where we just spend time together as a family. (I know I don’t have any kids of my own, but Pugsley thinks he’s a person sometimes and demands our attention if we are working too much on our laptops, so it’s still family time.) Our family time is also at a minimum not just because I am working every day, but now that my husband is back in school, he also has work that he is doing just about every day.

To paint the picture for you, as I said before, today is Sunday. Yet here I am taking a break from my coaching work to blog. As I sit at one end of the couch on my laptop, typing away, my husband is at the other end of the couch working on his laptop (complaining about group work with an online class) and the dog has given up trying to get our attention and is now sleeping on a fleece blanket (his favorite). No TV, no music, just us clicking away at the keys as we do our work.

Oh to have a weekend where we had time. But I know that because I love what I do and I care about my students, even if there is ever a day where I don’t have to be working I will still be thinking about what novels I want to bring into the classroom and the topics I want to introduce my students to because I want to make a difference. My husband has called me a “workaholic” but I prefer the term “passionate about teaching.” So instead, as I wait for the Super Bowl to start (so I can work and watch), I will drink my coffee and continue to work.