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Lately I’ve been feeling the break-up blues…I don’t want to wake up early, my brain has so many different thoughts running through it. I’m getting ready to break-up with summer, but I think a part of me is in denial.

For every teacher it feels as though each summer goes by faster and faster. Honestly, I’m not really too certain what happened to the month of July. It feels as though July was really only 2 weeks long…I think I need to go back and add more days to July.

But now it is already August 8 and in exactly a week, I will be sitting in chair at school for my district’s first Teacher Institute day of the year. I feel like I need to stretch these next few days, but I know that they will just fly by and in a week and a half, I will be welcoming my students back to school.

I’m already feeling the blues though…I’m not reading my “fun reading” books anymore. Instead I’m working on journal entry prompts and lesson plans and even though I am drinking my coffee…it just doesn’t seem to make me happy right now. (Just kidding – coffee always makes me happy!)

However, as sad as I am to see summer go…I am very excited for fall to get here. Not only do I love fall weather, fall fashion and having my students back in my classroom…but I’m also really excited for the start of football season. I’m also very excited about the new set-up of my classroom and the projects I’ve been working on to bring it all together. (That’s another post to come…so stay tuned!)

So as I work through my break-up doldrums with summer, I’m already looking forward to my relationship with fall. To all of my fellow teachers, I wish you luck this coming school year! Every day is an adventure in the classroom and I’m ready to discover new ideas and subjects with my students!