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So apparently my third year of teaching at Payson means that it is time for me to start sprucing up my classroom a little bit more with some great craft ideas which I of course found on Pinterest. I have found so many great ideas for my classroom for this year using this website that I can’t even keep up with them all. Pinterest has become a great place for teachers especially to share resources and classroom ideas. It is normally fairly difficult for me to find high school level products and resources in the store that having this great resource makes me even more excited for all of the plans I have for this school year and keep track of them on my Classroom pin board.

While there were some great bulletin board ideas, I am really excited to share the more “crafty” projects that I made over the summer and even one from today (we had an early dismissal day due to this crazy hot midwest weather).

The first project that I worked on was creating a small bulletin board for students to refer to if they finish with their class work early. This board was an idea that I found on Pinterest, but because of the materials that I had available to me, I modified the look of it and also bought some ribbon to match the basic theme I have for this year. (I decided to go with bright colors with pops of chevron.) For this project I used a small bulletin board that was on sale at Hobby Lobby, chevron ribbon, black paint (that I already had from another project), and small paper cut-outs I had bought at a teacher supply store. After it was all complete I placed this board above the whiteboard at the front of my classroom where it is visible to my students at all times. My completed project is below and you can see the original inspiration here.

The small board I made and placed above my whiteboard.

The small board I made and placed above my whiteboard.

I made a second board similar to the one above based on an idea that I saw in an office at another school. In the office they used their board for sending out passes and notes to students during the day and had them pinned to the board for the specific hours. While I did keep the concept of dividing the board into class periods, I wanted to utilize this board to pin up papers that need to be passed out to the classes to keep papers from cluttering up my desktop (which kept happening last year.) I have a set of windows behind my desk and using the 3M velcro strips, I hung the board on one of the windows.


Using the same ribbon as before, I divided the board into 8 sections – one for each of the periods in the school day.

The third project I have done for my room is the one that I completed today. I have come to love Hobby Lobby and what is great is that they give a 10% discount to teachers if the materials are being used in the classroom!!! (Love saving money!) Since our students were dismissed early due to the outrageous heat that we’re having in Illinois, I picked up a small flower pot and a styrofoam ball to sit inside of the flower pot. I again used my black paint and I already had a bag of Dum-Dums from Sam’s. (I tend to give out candy to my students.) I again found a great idea on Pinterest that was originally used for a birthday party, but I decided to take this idea and use it in my classroom. (You’d be surprised at how much high schoolers still love to get candy.) I feel like the only mistake I made in assembling this project was not having a plan as to how to arrange the suckers into the styrofoam ball. The beginning of the process went smoothly, but as I started to add more suckers the sticks started to run into each other so there are some areas in the arrangement where you can see the styrofoam. Overall though, I feel as though the end product was fairly good. (But don’t judge me too harshly. :D)

The latest addition of my classroom projects.

The latest addition of my classroom projects.

I hope you some of these projects inspire some of you to add your own personal touches to your classrooms! I have had fun making these and have rediscovered that painting can be a great stress-reliever. I wish you all a great school year and please feel free to share any projects you have created for your rooms!