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Sometimes it seems that everything in life happens all at once…getting sick/hurt, work piling up, the calendar becomes loaded with events, meetings, appointments, etc. But after all of this ends, or we’re able to find a moment to breathe, how to we then pick up the pieces we feel like we’ve dropped and get back on track?

I’ve been struggling with this question ever since we went on Christmas Break. Once again, I let all of the traveling, weather, crazy schedules, holidays, everything…get to me. So I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since then. I feel like this past weekend I was finally able to get everything back in place and find that groove that I need to be in to be my most productive.

The very first thing that I tackled was getting caught up on grading. As an English teacher (teaching 3 levels of English, as well as ACT Prep) I, of course, always have assignments that I’m giving – but this means that at some point those assignments come back to me to be graded. While I logically know this, in the mindset that I was in, I didn’t feel like I was properly handling them. So I had set aside this past Saturday to go to school, figuratively lock myself into my classroom and tackle the grading that needed to be done. This was actually quite difficult to do, because for some reason Mother Nature decided to let the Midwest feel the reprieve of Winter and it was a gorgeous Spring day Saturday. Nevertheless, I turned on Pandora and got to work. When I finally came up for air hours later I felt so much better about having accomplished so much.

Now that I had tackled this task, it was time to focus on the other things in my life that I had been putting off. Namely, this blog. I had reached a sort of writer’s block when it came to this blog. Over Christmas Break I had read a few more books, but I found myself strangely uninspired by these novels that I couldn’t even motivate myself to write about my lack of response to them. So, I didn’t. And then school started again and I still couldn’t find a way to get writing again. As the days went by, and we had numerous snow days, I let myself believe that I had nothing to write about. I found myself watching the days slip by and still having not written a word…and then I wondered, after so much time, how can I get started again?

I recently began reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin to use in a short unit with my Seniors (more to come on this later), and as I’ve been reading her book, she has one chapter devoted to “Work” in which her goal is to “Aim Higher.” While I am always looking for new ideas or ways to make lessons more interesting/effective with my students, her goal of starting a blog was actually the part that resonated with me. Obviously I have already done the part of starting the blog…my problem was figuring out how to get back into the blogosphere regularly. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure, so as I read this chapter, I let her experience sink in. Some of the advice Gretchen was given in regards to her blog was to write every day. This was the answer that I had been looking for!

While I may not be able to write every single day, I am resolved to blog at least 4 times a week. Even if I am stuck, I am hoping to use quotes that resonate with me to give something to reflect on as I get back into my habit of writing.

Wish me luck as I try to get “back on track” with my writing endeavor. While I’ll try to keep it on my original goal of education and books, I have the distinct feeling that some of my posts will also be including stories from the track season. Part of the journey of the track team will be the fact that I, along with my fellow coaches, are coaching not only the Junior High team this year, but we’ve also added the High School team. Wish us luck this season!