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Welcome to the first day of Spring! After such a long winter in the Midwest, I can definitely say that today has been much appreciated and anticipated. Sometimes just the appearance of the sun is enough to make someone happy. Today though, the combination of the later sunlight and the warmer weather was enough to make my day.

After having so many days of the freezing cold, the snow, early sunsets, and overcast skies today’s weather was a gift from Mother Nature. Not only was I able to let the sunlight into my classroom and have the lights turned off, but once school was out we were once again able to be outside for track practice.

While being outside for practice may not seem like a huge deal, the warmer weather and bright sunshine made it feel much more enjoyable and feel much more productive. While days like yesterday (where we were inside) are sometimes necessary, being able to spend the entire afternoon outside makes so much more pleasant. It was nice to be able to play in the sand again…or in other words, get to pit to work on jump practice. With the warmer weather our track has dried out enough (we have a cinder track) to where we were able to have relays working, hurdles out, shot put and discus practicing and the high jump mats out.

Even once I got home after practice, I was able to sit outside with the dog and enjoy a few more moments of the beautiful weather. I was especially grateful for the arrival of Spring today and remembering to enjoy the little things is something we all need to remember. I know that is something that I should keep in mind as things can get hectic as we all start that final stretch towards the end of the school year. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the first day of Spring as much as I was today, and happy teaching!