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So I just realized that I have not posted on here since March! Holy moley…and now it’s almost Halloween! 😮

What the deal? Well I’ll tell you…my entire teaching environment has completely changed in the past few months. For the previous three years I had the joy of teaching at a very small, rural school in western Illinois. Since then, I am in the same location, but I am now at a much bigger school in western Illinois. A single one of my morning World Lit classes is the same size as the graduating senior class that I would have had previously. I would say that things have changed quite a bit. (Thankfully I didn’t have to move in the process…just all of my classroom stuff.)

I must say though, that I am loving my new classroom and my students. I have a wonderful mix of Seniors and Juniors for World Literature and an hour of RTI. However, in the event of teaching a new prep, I think I lost my mind over the summer for a little while. I became so immersed in learning/reading/creating the material for my new classes that I seemed to lost track of other things for a little while. I’m glad to say I have found my sanity (in the way teachers do of course…I think some of it is still wandering around the halls somewhere or on one of the shelves hidden among the books).

So thanks for sticking with me, I hope to be updating on my new classes and books I’ve read very soon! (Especially with Parent/Teacher Conferences this week!) Happy Fall!