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On this wonderful Friday evening, I find myself once again travelling back to the suburbs of Chicago on the train. Let me tell you, if you have not made the train ride from western Illinois to the Chicago area…you really must. It is definitely the better option (if you have one) from spending 4 1/2 – 5 hours in the car. However, on this night I’m taking a break from grading papers to bring you this blog post (grading pen currently tucked behind one ear). Yes, my friends, that is correct…as I take this train ride I am able to grade papers. It is actually a most glorious thing because most other trips I would be much too occupied with driving my car to my destination to be able to grade papers. And let me tell you, Pugsley (my wonderful pug!) is not much help when it comes to grading papers in the car…he would much rather sit on the papers than grade them. Maybe because he doesn’t have thumbs to hold the pen????

Anyway, on this train trip (along with the many others I have taken this semester) I am travelling in my glorious teacher style! I made sure that before I even boarded the train, I was armed with my trusty cup of coffee (this one courtesy of the Casey’s gas station down the street from the station) and my work bag. Of course I had my weekend bag and necessary wallet and such, but most importantly I had the papers that I need to get graded this weekend. I am very grateful that there are 2 seats together on a train and that I am travelling alone. I don’t mean this as a slight towards any of my family or friends, simply that the seat next to me is very handy in holding my work bag and balancing the unused papers and I use both trays from the seatbacks to hold the laptop and the papers currently being graded. This is definitely the perfect set-up for my current situation. What’s also great about the train is that there are plugs for electronic devices (always a must!), which comes in handy because I must have my music as I travel. (I am really loving and appreciating technology at this moment!) Of course, being on wi-fi and streaming music means that I am killing my phone…but of course that does not matter with the outlets. Ahh the little things.

So if you ever see a person travelling with numerous bags and papers spread about them as they travel, please take pity as they are probably sporting the always fabulous teacher-style. Happy Friday!