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I was reminded again today just how important it is for teachers to build relationships with their students. It is always important to take an interest in the lives of your students. Some students are not as open as others, but they will always notice that you care about their lives, their interests and how well they are doing in your class. Working with high school students it is sometimes easy to forget, but they need the involvement and attention almost as much as some of our elementary kids. Our high school students are at critical moments in their lives, and they appreciate knowing that their teachers care about them and have their best interests in mind.

Today as my students were typingย their literary analysis papers, they also wanted to talk about the upcoming basketball tournament and if I’d be attending; I had a student who talked to me about his first wrestling meet of the year and how it went last night; students were telling me about the recreational indoor soccer game they had last night; I also had students who were simply telling me stories of their 4-wheeling adventures. None of these conversations would have happened in my room if I hadn’t made the effort to get to know my students.

In the past, these conversations would have seemed minor, something that was expected because I had been working with the same students for 3 years in a row and had also coached them in numerous activities and had been a class sponsor. This year however, being in a new district I have realized that my students all want and need the same thing…a teacher who cares about them and their interests. I will admit that there are some days I’m tired and wishing it was Friday just like the students, but it’s days like today that make me grateful for the job that I have.

So even though I’m looking forward to my Thanksgiving, I must admit that I can’t wait to see my kids back in the classroom on Monday (December! :o) as we start our final dash towards exams. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you’re in the states), and always remember to be thankful for the little things that we do and have!