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Hello there December. You are that month that is both eagerly anticipated and dreaded (mostly by teachers) at the same time. Just your name alone holds all of the anticipation and excitement of the holiday season. The sparkling lights, the Christmas carols, the Starbucks hot cocoa that makes everyone smile, being bundled up in hats and scarves…somehow these things make the bite of the cold winter air so much more enjoyable.

In the classroom however, the hustle and bustle is of a different sort. In my classroom this week, my students have a paper that’s due today and then we will be starting another essay later this week after we focus on voice in writing. In addition to that, students will have their finals for classes in 2 weeks. So our hustle and bustle isn’t to get presents and wrap them up, it’s instead to wrap up everything from 1st semester. Students will also be feeling the rush to remember all that they need to from the whole semester as they prepare for their finals.

I think this is the one time of year that students aren’t wishing for a snow day. Why, you might ask? They don’t want a snow day (at least during finals) because that would mean finals would get pushed back to January and many of them do not want to delay the process. The students (as well as the teachers) are looking forward to those days where there is a sense of relief and not having to study. For me though, break will mean grading said finals. That is perfectly fine with me though, because over break I am able to wake up, make my coffee and grade from my couch…the perfect set-up for grading.

So even though I am looking forward to the holiday season, I am first going to greet December with the last papers of the semester. How are things in your classroom these last weeks before the holiday break? Happy December and happy teaching to all of you!