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Today seems like a good day for everyone to challenge themselves to try something new or tackle that item on your “to-do” list that keeps staring at you.Every now and then we need to give ourselves a little kick in the butt to go outside of our comfort zones.

So today, I am challenging you to challenge yourself. Go out there and do something different or new. Go read that book that you’ve been waiting for the right time to read…now is that time! Go try that gym class that you’ve been interested in but have been hesitant because you’ve never done it before. Go for an awesome drive just to enjoy the day and give yourself the time to breathe. Go back to your Pinterest boards and try out that recipe/craft/idea that you pinned and kept saying, “One day I’m going to do that.” And even though it’s not as much fun, open up the windows, turn up the music and clean in you need to.

Whatever it may be today, challenge yourself to accomplish something. Even if it’s just signing up for that upcoming 5K, do it today. Or make a plan with the friends you haven’t seen in a while to do something together.

This morning I accepted my own challenge and went to a 5:30 am class at the gym and now I feel amazing. So now it’s your turn to accept the challenge, but be sure to share your experiences here and what amazing thing you have done no matter how big or small.