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Today is National Puppy Day, so of course I had to make a post dedicated to my favorite furry little man…Pugsley. I do not, however, have any puppy pictures of Pugsley. This is because Pugsley is a rescue dog and we got him when he was 5 years old. But he is still my baby.

Pugsley was very sick with heart-worm when we adopted him and we originally thought that we would not have very much time to enjoy him. In spite of his poor health, we were very lucky and he made it through all of his treatment. Since then he has been a continuous joy…even when he has his “grumpy old man” moments. (As you can see in the picture to the left, haha.)

However, I have learned that every day is a gift as we have continued to have other health issues that we have faced during our years with Pugsley. I have learned to enjoy each one of his goofy moments when he finds his “puppy-like” spark and just wants to play. I have learned that some of the best moments can be spent curled up on the couch with a soft, warm blanket. Pugsley has shown that no matter what obstacles he is faced with, he will keep overcoming them. Pugsley is a great representative of not only the Pug breed, but of the rescue breed as well.

As you can see with the picture on the right, Pugsley is never one to pass up taking a new adventure. (This picture was taken on Saturday on our hike on a nearby “island” near the Mississippi River.) In my opinion, Pugsley is certainly a one in a million type of dog and certainly my best furry friend.

Puglsey is one who proves that age is only a number and he embraces those days when being a “puppy” is the best and most fun option. He also then knows how to appreciate a good nap once the adventures are over.

So here’s to celebrating our puppies, both young and old!