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So earlier this week, on Monday, I assigned my students a response paper to the video that we watched last week. (Last week we had watched the documentary “Happy.” This was a great film that takes a look at different ways people find happiness in their lives. I would highly recommend this video and there are great classroom lessons that go with the documentary.) Unfortunately for me, the due date for the paper happens to be today…April 1, a.k.a. April Fool’s Day.

As I was going over the requirements of the assignments, I actually had a student stop take real notice of the due date. He then proceeded to ask me if the assignment was just one big April Fool’s Day joke on my part. (Up to this point I had been avoiding saying April 1st as the due date and simply kept saying that the papers would be due on Wednesday.) I then, to the disappointment of this and my other students, did inform them that this was not in fact a joke, but it really was a paper that they had to write.

Sorry World Lit students of mine. Your response papers to the “Happy” video really are due today.

Not a joke…the assignment is still due!