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So in case you couldn’t tell, today is my birthday. Normally this isn’t something that I would post about, but today has been such a great day (and we’re only half-way through) that I felt the urge to write about it.

Growing up, my dad (who worked at a high school himself) used to go into school late on my birthday. This is because on the morning of my birthday he would drive me to school. Along the way we would go to McDonald’s and get breakfast. (Ordering the Egg McMuffin is a must, along with the hashbrowns.)  This because a very special tradition and one that I have always looked forward to. One of the bad things about growing up is that now I am married and live almost 5 hours away from my parents…so this means I am not near my dad for those early morning birthday breakfasts. This morning however, my husband got up early to get me that special birthday breakfast as I got ready for school (as a teacher, of course!). He was able to keep that tradition going for me on this special day. 🙂

As it is in our wonderful world of technology, I have been getting special birthday greetings all morning long. (Love!) But then my students found out that it was my birthday today. (It’s not really something I announce to them.)

What was great though, was my 4th hour World Lit students found out and my student TA that hour wrote up on the board “It’s Mrs. Sullivan’s birthday today!” This was pretty fantastic and made me smile as it was. Each one of my students that hour wished me a happy birthday, which is always nice to hear. Then, after I had stepped out into the hall, I came back in to find this video being projected up onto the board and my TA hit play as I walked back in:

(It’s really cute; you all should watch it.)

My students also changed the background on my computer to this:







Something that was very special today as well was the flowers that were delivered to the school from my husband. (He is definitely doing a great job today!)

Now I just can’t wait until my parents get here this afternoon and we get to have a wonderful birthday dinner! Wishing everyone a very happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend as well!