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This school year may not even be over yet, but in many ways I’m already looking forward to the start of next school year. One of the reasons that I am already excited about next year is because today I received my first Erin Condren Teacher Planner, which came in this really cute box!      Of course I was so excited to see that my Erin Condren planner had been delivered that I had to run home during my lunch to go get it. What was even better is that it only took about a week from the time I placed my order to the time that it was delivered. I’m sure right now I’m beating all of the “back to school” rush with my order. However, I plan on working on my lesson plans for World Literature over the summer, so having my teacher planner will allow me to be able to map out those lessons ahead of time. There are also some professional development workshops and conferences that I’m planning on going to, so the notes pages will definitely come in handy.

The laminated cover should hold up well to all of the toting around I have in store for this planner. :)

The laminated cover should hold up well to all of the toting around I have in store for this planner. 🙂

I had ordered the Zig Zag pattern and also did the custom colorway (no extra cost) so that my cover was a blue very close to our school colors. I also like the zig zag pattern because I think it’s happy without being too “in your face” and bold…although some of the other covers on the Erin Condren site were really cute and I had a hard time picking the one that I wanted.

I had also done a lot of research on the Erin Condren planners because 1) they do seem to be geared more towards elementary teachers and I am a secondary English teacher, and 2) the cost is kind of high, so I wanted to make sure I was choosing correctly in my purchase. There are a lot of really great YouTube videos out there that show how other secondary teachers use their teacher planners. I already have a post-it note filled with ideas of how I can utilize each space that is available in this notebook.


One thing that I did notice from the YouTube videos is the fact that the dates are not pre-printed in the calendar portion. Because of this, I did make sure to order the colorful date dots to fill these in. I know many people fill in the circles on their own, but I don’t love my handwriting so I liked the consistency of the stickers. Also, the date dots come in fun coordinating colors to match each month.


I am already looking forward to filling out the lesson pages (pictured above) and the calendar areas as I get more information about next school year. We already have the year calendar out, so I will be able to add in the “First Day” and “Meeting” stickers.

I will be posting more about my Erin Condren Teacher Planner as I start using it. I have also included the link for any of my readers to get $10 off their own purchases from the Erin Condren website (link is at bottom of post). I am very excited about my purchase and I hope to hear from all of you about your own Erin Condren experiences.