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This morning I was scrolling through my WordPress Reader and I came across a post by YA Love (check out her blog) saying that this week is the Scholastic #IReadYA week.

As many of you know from the book reviews that I have written, there are many great Young Adult literature books out there that are fantastic reads for adults too. (Check out my 2015 books list to see some YA lit that I’ve read and reviewed so far this year.)

Scholastic has put together an entire week to promote the reading of YA lit, and this week includes giveaways and some daily contests. To enter the giveaways, you must complete one of the daily challenges. The daily challenges are:

  • Day 1 – Why Read YA?
  • Day 2 – Alliteration Challenge
  • Day 3 – WOW
  • Day 4 – YA #TBT
  • Day 5 – Recommended Reading

Entries in daily drawings do not carry over into other daily drawings, so make sure you come back every day to enter the new daily challenge!

(To see the whole list and prizes, visit the #ILoveYA week website.)

They also have Tumblr page that further explains each of the daily contests and a fun logo that you can copy and post on your own social media to keep #IReadYA week going. (Visit This Is Teen on Tumblr for additional information.) There are also different, fun colors that you can use to personalize your YA lit experience! I chose the yellow to reflect the great colors of Spring. 🙂



Please join in on Scholastic’s #IReadYA week and have tons of fun with the daily contests and giveaways. Also be sure to share your favorite YA books with us here!

Happy YA Reading!