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As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love my job as a teacher…however, I’m also really enjoying this past week (despite meetings and trainings) of being able to read books and write about them.

Being able to read books that I’ve been accumulating on my “to-read” list and then share my thoughts about them with all of you has been absolutely wonderful. It has allowed me to combine my two greatest passions: books and writing. (And of course I get to drink my coffee as I do so – another love of mine!)

This would be an ideal job for anyone whose passions are also reading and writing. (Mind you, I don’t actually get paid for this, I just enjoy doing it.) But especially on these wonderful summer days, I love sitting on my back patio with my laptop and coffee and the dog nearby as I write. What a fabulous start to June and my Summer Break!

To see the books that I’ve read and reviewed so far this year, visit my 2015 Books page. (Or you can visit my Goodreads Reading Challenge page.)

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