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Back in April, I read the novel Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. (To read more about this book and my review of it, click here.) This book was a great one and I still find myself coming back to many of the lines that stood out to me as I was reading it. (Even while I was reading, I posted this quote as well – “Sarah Jio – Inspiration“.)

I keep finding that these quotes are very applicable to life in general, even outside of the setting of the story. So, because I keep coming back to these quotes, I wanted to share them with all of you as well. Hopefully you will find the same inspiration in these quotes that I did in reading this novel.

“Is there anything more horrid than being trapped inside yourself with nothing but your own insecurities?”

“We’re each given one life, and it’s our job to make it useful, beautiful, and fulfilling. There is no value in suffering through it, doing something we hate. There’s no prize at the end for that kind of endurance. Just a spent life.”

“Sometimes I think of my life as a great big story. Each silly thing I do is a new paragraph. And each morning I turn to the next chapter. It’s fun to think of life that way, each day being an adventure of the grandest proportions.”

“Whenever you’re down on your luck, and when things aren’t going the way you like, remember that you are the author of  your own story. You can write it any way you like, with anyone you choose. And it can be a beautiful story or a sad and tragic one. You get to pick.”

“But sometimes one must fall into their life’s work this way, like Alice stumbling into the rabbit hole, simply because we, if left to our own devices, would only take more sensible paths, and ruin our destinies.”

“There is a downside to every good thing. Our challenge is to not let the bad corrupt the good.”

“We must pursue the people, places, and things in life that bring us the most joy.”

“No matter how dire it seems, no situation is hopeless.” 

“Some of us have to make a lot of mistakes before we become the people we are meant to be.”