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Every now and then I click on the articles that Goodreads posts on their main page. Usually I’m just searching around for books, authors and the like, but today one of the titles of the articles caught my eye: “25 Things That Would Happen If Book Lovers Ruled the World.”

This is a very fun list, but I found myself nodding my head in agreement at some of them. (Especially the ones in relation to schools and education.) Here are a few of my favorites from the list:

3. “There would be a library on every corner…In other words, a library inside every Starbucks.” (Renee Bradshaw)

10. “There would be a book hour in addition to a lunch hour at work every day.” (Cindy Bell)

19. “Reading would be an actual job! Paid to read!” (Akshay Kumar Bajpai)

22. “This would be a valid excuse to get the day off: I was up late finishing my book.” (Joshua Dilts)

You can read the full list here: 25 Things That Would Happen If Book Lovers Ruled the World

Please share your favorites below, or even your own ideas that you would add to this list. 🙂 Happy Reading!