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I had taken a brief hiatus from checking my Goodreads feed (mostly because I’ve been busy grading), but today I checked out their blog feed and I saw a really fun idea they  had posted for this Halloween week.

On the Goodreads blog they had posted 15 2 sentence horror stories that followers had written this week (I have posted the link to the blog post below). They were originally shared on Twitter using #HorrorWeek (Click on the hashtag to see the Twitter submissions for yourself). I’m definitely going to be reading more of these later!

Read the Goodreads Blog Post by following this link: https://www.goodreads.com/blog/show/576-15-two-sentence-horror-stories-that-will-give-you-nightmares

I really wish that I had seen their preview post on this idea earlier. This would have been a fun writing assignment to try with my students, especially since they had a half day today because of Parent/Teacher Conferences. I will definitely be keeping this idea in mind for next year. This could also be a fun idea to adapt to any holiday or genre. I look forward to the ideas that can be created from this.

If you have any fun 2 sentence stories you would like to share, please write them in the comments below. Happy Halloween week and for some inspiration, here are some fun 2 sentence horror stories: