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Welcome to NaBloPoMo Day 2!

In my World Lit classes, my students are writing their “This I Believe” essays. This is a great assignmnet to get my serniors to think about the things that they feel strongly about. I tell them that they can choose anything that they have a belief in…even if that means they believe cookie dough is the cure to all happiness. The original idea behind this essay came from the NPR project of the same name, “This I Believe.” (You can read sample essays that NPR posted on their website.)

This assignment always gets me thinking about the things that I believe in…the things that I feel strongly about. One of these ideas came up the other week in regards to Ethics in Media (you can read that post here).

For this post though, I want to focus on the belief that we should all do the things that make us happy. While this may not be possible every moment of every day, we still need to be mindful of making time to do those things that we enjoy.

I love to read and write and travel and experience new things…I like to challenge myself to try something different when I can. And I believe that we can only truly understand what makes us happy if we are able to step outside of our comfort zones to try these new experiences. Sometimes those new things may not always bring us happiness, but by trying them we get closer to achieving that goal.

It is also by trying new things that we might discover a happiness that we may have never even considered. By testing our limits and our comfort zones we can make new connections and find interests that we may have shied away from before. Finding our happiness can be as simple as trying a new type of food (it was sushi for me), reading a new genre or trying a new activity (such as hiking or a new class at the gym or white water rafting). If I had never traveled out of the country, I never would have tried new foods or white water rafting (which I absolutely love!) and I wouldn’t have discovered the little things that make me happy. I never would have created the memories that I now have from various trips to look back on and be reminded of the happiness from that point and my continued pursuit of new experiences.

So I hope you continue to pursue your own happiness, or try something new to find happiness. Leave a comment below about something that makes you happy, new experiences or old. Happy writing!

White water rafting in Montana

White water rafting in Montana