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So my NaBloPoMo Day 5 post is getting posted a day late. That is because I had a late night after going to the musical being presented by the high school’s theater and music departments.

Our students have been working on the musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, since September, and I know that they are so very proud of the work that they have been doing. After seeing the show last night, I am also very impressed with all of the talent that was displayed. From the set design, to the tap dancers, to the singers, to the orchestra, and everyone else involved in the show…I am truly proud of my students and all of their hard work and accomplishments. Their talent is so amazing that, as an audience member, there were times that I forgot they were only high school students. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of them, because I know that they are meant to do great things and use their talents in wonderful ways.

I now want to immediately go home and watch the movie with Julie Andrews (my mom told me about that version last night), but I must first teach this last school day of the week, and hopefully I will be able to find the movie on Netflix. 😀

On a NaBloPoMo note, I will be posting the Day 6 post later today.