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I was struggling today to find a topic to write about for today’s NaBloPoMo. It’s been a weird day and nothing was seeming to stick in my brain to marinate and develop. (Mixed metaphors?)

So, of course, I spent much of the night checking out social media and reading listicles and other short articles without much intellectual impact. (See Starbucks + red cups.) Again, none of the topics being posted about really stuck or made me react strongly enough to write more about that particular thing.

Instead, what I happened to notice is that we (as a society) never seem to be truly pleased with where we are currently at. I think this applies to ever aspect of our lives: so your favorite football team is currently undefeated? That’s not good enough…we have to be thinking about the next team to beat. Are you at a great job and doing well? Again, not good enough…when is that raise coming through? We see your pictures from your vacation being posted all over social media…but you’re already talking about needing to take your next one.

I know that I could keep going with examples, but I’m sure you all are getting the picture. And as I mentioned in yesterday’s post (which you can read here), we need to remember to take time to find happiness in the little things. Enjoy rooting for your football team, and rub their latest victory in the faces of their opponent’s fans (without getting too mean of course), and don’t worry about the next game until Sunday (or as you plan your fantasy team). Appreciate the job that you have and all of the opportunities that it affords you. Enjoy the memories that you just created on your vacation. Find you happiness in those moments.

I recently read an article in Psychology Today on our society and how we are creating unhappy people. The society in which we live causes us to look for the next best thing and many times we fail to develop personal relationships and we pursue a different type of recognition. In the article, it states:

We live in an intensely competitive culture that rewards achievement and success. Our identity and esteem become reflections of these external markers of achievement. Our pursuit of happiness and well-being become terribly misdirected.

So as we try to rush through our very busy lives, I encourage you to take a moment to appreciate where you are at…on a walk during lunch, enjoying a great conversation, watching the Bears beat the Chargers. 😀 Whatever it is that you find happiness in, take that time to simple be.