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Today’s NaBloPoMo post is returning to one of more typical formats of posts: a book review.

Unsatisfied with his secular worldview Jason B. Ladd shares the struggles he faced during his search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith.

His mission began with a realization: though ready to defend his country, he was unprepared for his most important missions as a husband and father. Drawing from his military experience, Ladd warns seekers about spiritual apathy and teaches Christians tactics for withstanding spiritual attacks.

(Synopsis and cover image from Goodreads.com)

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be approached by Jason Ladd to read an advance copy of his book, One of the Few, and write an honest review. (The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.) I felt very privileged to be selected to read and review this novel. I knew that reading this book would be something different for me, because it is both a non-fiction (which I read occasionally) and a Christian perspective (which I have hardly ever read).

Jason Ladd has a unique story to tell in his novel. Ladd is a Marine fighter pilot, but he also has a strong Christian faith that has guided him through his adult life. Ladd is very honest in his approach to his faith, and also how he became such a strong believer in God. While Ladd does describe his journey to find God and his relationship in Christ, I believe that there are lessons to be learned from Ladd’s book for both non-believers and believers alike.

One of the Few is set up into 3 parts with smaller chapters in each part. Ladd uses these parts to take the readers on his life journey. As Ladd describes different parts of his life, he also relates lessons from the Bible to these specific situations and the general situations that we face as well. Many of these examples can be applied directly to the situations and lessons that Ladd was facing through different phases of his life and his career, but on occasion I sometimes felt that the relations were a bit of a stretch. I feel that there were points in the book where Ladd didn’t need to draw in specific passages from the Bible, but could have let faith speak for itself.

Ladd has written a very inspirational novel that speaks directly from his perspective and his life experiences and views. Ladd has also incorporated great information about what it is like and what it takes to train as a Marine fighter pilot. Below is one of my favorite passages from the novel:

Living with an insufficient worldview is like flying under the bag. While it is easy to move forward, it is difficult to stay pointing in the right direction…However, there is something you can do about it — you can take down the bag. By developing a truth-based worldview which corresponds to human experience, you can unmask the canopy to reveal a glorious horizon. When you can see the horizon, you can always find which way is up, and with a bit of good weather, the sun will help you find true north.

To read more about the novel and about Jason Ladd, please visit his website at: http://www.oneofthefewbook.com/