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Day 16. It’s raining out. It’s not even the good kind of rain…it’s not a downpour with thunder and lightening. That’s the fun kind of rain to watch, keeping an eye on the storm as it rolls through and away…enjoying the noise and light show as it comes into town. Instead, it’s the dreary kind of rainy day. The gray clouds cover the sky so that everything is just that…gray. The rain is a soaking mist, so you can’t even try to dodge the rain drops…it just coats everything in wet. And the wind is blowing, whipping around the last few leaves that cling to the trees; they’re trying mightily to keep their hold on that branch as they watch their neighbors get ripped off and slammed to the ground.

So today’s weather actually had me thinking about the perfect kind of rainy day. What would I be doing? Where would I be? (If I didn’t have to be at work of course.)

I already know…I can picture it without even trying too hard. I would be at home on my couch. (If you read my NaBloPoMo Day 12 post, you know how much I appreciate my couch. If you didn’t, follow this link.) I am currently reading Lives in Ruins by Marilyn Johnson, so that book would accompany me on the couch. (And probably one or two more since I have my ever-growing list of books to read, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.) I would be wrapped up in one of my blankets, I’m sure with Pugsley right there with me just snoring away. (He’s a pug, so he tends to snore.) I’d also have my choice of hot beverage…coffee for the morning and hot tea or cider for the afternoon. Instead of breaking for lunch, since that would mean I would have to put down my book, I’d be well prepared with snacks. (popcorn, chips…I’m not exactly sure, but something I could eat with one hand and not get my book messy.)

I could spend all day doing this…maybe taking a break for a nap, because rainy days call  for a nap. But alas, this perfect rainy day is not to be…I will save this for a rainy day when I do not have to be at work.

Please share your ideal rainy day in the comments below…even if you are not having rainy day weather today.