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As I sat looking at my bookshelves (I was trying to avoid watching the Jags/Titans game and the hideous uniforms), I started thinking about my favorite genre to read. This brings me to tonight’s NaBloPoMo post.

Each one of us has a favorite type of book that we like to read. Even though we may take trips into many different realms (yes, sometimes this includes fantasy for me), we all have a tried and true genre that we love and can’t seem to resist.

If you’ve read my blog before, then you will know that many times I have mentioned that one genre I seem to be stuck on: Historical Fiction.

I absolutely adore historical fiction. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “history buff” like many other out there, but give me a great story set in pretty much any historical period, and interweave historical events and I am there! I especially seem to find myself drawn to books that are set in Victorian England or during World War II. I also seem to find my shelves littered with books that have the Templar Knights somehow involved. I’m not really sure where or how this all began, but I know that anything set in Salem will peak my interest.

I think historical fiction allows us, the readers, to venture back in time through the eyes of a particular character. Now I know there are plenty of history books out there to help us out with that, but I tend to find them not as engaging. I am fascinated with looking at the events of history and seeing how we can learn from them. But I also want that human element as an essential part of it…I want the relationships (both gained and lost), the emotional rollercoaster, the choices that have to be made, taking a trip to anywhere in the world and learning more about that area. I want to wonder if I would be strong enough to make the decisions that have have to be made in a particular moment; if I could handle making sacrifices, or being brave enough to stand up for the things that I believe in no matter the costs.

I think this is why I’ve always enjoyed teaching books like The Great Gatsby or reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and The DaVinci Code. Give me anything by Steve Berry and I’m there as well! I also rely on my book club for reads like Scandal in the Secret City to introduce me to an event I did not know very much about.

But I do think that occasionally a nonfiction book can do just as great a job as any historical fiction. Take Night for example. No one could come close to what Elie Wiesel put into his book…making it so emotional, yet relateable as well. Or books like the one I’m currently reading, Lives in Ruins, where Marilyn Johnson adds humor to her writing and keeps me interested in a topic that I never would have thought of exploring before.

So even though I will take a trip with the dragons or go on a romantic tryst, my historical fiction novels will always be the ones for me.

Please feel free to share your favorite genre, and happy writing!