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There’s an interesting concept that’s floating around, and one that human nature usually wonders about: what if things had gone differently? We often think about the alternative…what would things be like if we had made a different choice or if we had taken a different action?

In 1962, Philip K. Dick wrote a novel about an alternate ending to World War II. This novel was called The Man in the High Castle. The description of this novel from goodreads.com reads:

It’s America in 1962. Slavery is legal once again. The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names. In San Francisco the I Ching is as common as the Yellow Pages. All because some 20 years earlier the United States lost a war, and is now occupied jointly by Nazi Germany and Japan.

While I have not read this novel, recently Amazon.com made a series by the same name based off of the book and Dick’s ideas of this alternate history. Similar to Netflix, Amazon has released all of the episodes for the first season. (This is of course ideal for binge watching. 😀 )

Tonight I started watching the “The Man in the High Castle” and I am absolutely fascinated by the alternate history that is presented. I am only a few episodes in, so this post is not going to be a review of the show, but merely presenting that idea of “what if”? There has already been reviews put out there about the show, and also how there are lessons to be learned from the show that are relevant to situations in the United States today. (If you want to read a review, with spoilers, an article is here…I will be honest, I didn’t read the whole thing because I don’t want to read the spoilers.)

The Guardian has a great write-up giving a synopsis of the show and questions that someone might have before watching the show. (You can read it here.) It is certainly interesting to see the relationship that developed between the Nazis and the Japanese as they share what was the United States. The American people do not have the same freedoms or lifestyles that they once did before the end of World War II. There are also two characters who seem to possess a film that shows the Americans winning the war, but the question becomes, how can that film exist if the Americans lost the war?

The Man in the High Castle” provides a look at what things could have been like if the war had ended differently for us. I can’t wait to keep watching…but unfortunately I am unable to binge watch the entire show tonight. Keep an eye out for my full review once I have watched the rest of “The Man in the High Castle.”