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It’s always great to know that someone out there is reading your blog.  🙂 It makes it all worth it…even when it’s just a single person. I especially love getting feedback on the book reviews that I write. I love to read (in case you hadn’t noticed), and I love knowing that I can share my thoughts with others who share my interests and discover new things to read along the way.

But sometimes,what’s even better than all of that is when a book review that you’ve written gets noticed by the original author. And then…not only did they notice it, but they left a comment on your blog as well! I recently had this on my review of Gemini by Carol Cassella. (Read my review of the book here.)

I’ve also had the links to my reviews re-Tweeted by the authors of the books, or they have thanked me for the reviews that I’ve written. I think this is a great way to know that the authors of books truly care what we, the readers, think of their works. I think it allows them to know what we are enjoying, and in some cases not, about their creations. I feel like our own written words in response to theirs is a better indicator of how each book is being received by the audience than compared to book sales. The sale list just shows how many times the book has been bought, it doesn’t truly indicate the feelings that the audience has while reading.

So thank you to all of the authors who take the time to read the reviews written by regular people like me. It is truly exciting to know how much you care!