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Normally I stay very far away from politics, especially here on my blog. However, after watching last night’s debate and seeing the general direction of this election, it tends to make any person sit up and pay attention to the possible future direction our country is taking.

For those of you whom this offends, I apologize. However, Donald Trump has said many things that offend me and this piece written by Robert is an excellent read for some food for thought.

101 Books

One astute blog commenter once said that this blog was “the death of art and meaning.” I kind of took that as a compliment. Do you understand the type of power I have to construct a book blog that can single-handedly destroy art?

That brings me to today’s post. As I write this today, one man is attempting to accomplish a feat that only this blog has been accused of. Yet, this man, if he is elected as president, will literally kill all forms of art and meaning. This man…he’s like a powerful Dyson vacuum that sucks up every morsel of art and every particle of meaning tangled in what was once a beautiful Persian-style rug–mainly, because this man probably hates Persians.

So, hey! Did you know Donald Trump is running for president of the United States?

Did you know Donald Trump has written a book?

Did you know, in fact, that Donald…

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