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The other day when I published by book review for Half the Sky I realized how long it had actually been since I had last posted, and I was shocked at how long it was. 😮

For three weeks I was sick with probably the worst case of tonsillitis I’ve ever had. Although, I was being treated for strep without a strep test, so who knows what I actually had. (I’m probably oversharing now….sorry!) Anyway, during that time I was incredibly tired when I would get home from school. So tired in fact that I didn’t even have the energy to read! And that never happens. So of course this meant that I didn’t get any writing done either. (I did manage to keep up with my Instagram account though. That, without question, does not take as much thought as my blog posts. (I did have a lot of fun posting my travel photos from my trip to Canada. Hopefully that will be a post soon as well.)

Apparently when I get sick that means every thing in my life must come to a stop – I’m a pretty terrible patient. I pray I never have to go to the hospital because I would make the nurses absolutely crazy. However, I digress…   My hope is now that I’m feeling better I will be getting back into the swing of things. I have a few book tags that I’ve left waiting and I’m looking forward to doing those. Also, there are a number of books that I’ve read in my “time away” and for an updated reading list, visit my 2016 Books page.

Happy Writing and have a wonderful weekend!