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To say I’m discouraged would be an understatement at times. To say I’m unsure of what’s going to happen would be how I feel at times. Many times I want to literally crawl inside of the book that I’m reading and escape whatever new thing the news is telling me. All if it makes me wonder if the world has gone to shit.

Yesterday part of the military tried to stage a coup in Turkey; Numerous times this year and last terrorists have attacked Paris; a lunatic mowed over people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice; there was an attack in Brussels; a different lunatic attacked a night club in Orlando; North Korea is ignoring sanctions placed on them; We are killing endangered animals simply for their ivory; The oceans are being polluted with trash and sound that are killing the animals who have lived there for thousands of years; Cops were shot in Texas; Civilians are being shot by cops. It feels like the United States is reverting back to the 60s when everyone was fighting for equal rights. The presidential candidates can be summed up like this: a reality star clown and a grandma who didn’t know how to use email on her phone – both have been/are being investigated for wrong doings. Republicans are attacking Democrats; Democrats are attacking Republicans. The state of Illinois can’t get its act together. Etc, etc, etc.

Every time I go on my Facebook or Twitter, I’m afraid to see what derogatory/inflammatory/racist/ignorant/insert word here thing has been written next. I’m sick of all the fighting, I’m tired of all of division between groups. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, white, Asian, purple, pink, have blue hair, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, agnostic, whatever. I don’t care if you were born in the US, if you live in Europe, if you want to move to Middle Earth. (Personally, I would like to move to Hogwarts. How do I make this possible?) All I seem to notice are the divisions between people and the animosity it creates. We live in an age where we are the most globally connected that we’ve ever been, and yet we seem to be more separated than ever. It can be disheartening and discouraging.

However, I’m optimistic at the same time. Do I think the world’s having a shitty time of things? Yes. Do I think we’ve totally gone to shit? No. I see what good we can do. I see the positive effects of what happens when we work together. Many of these things are on a smaller scale, but if we were paying attention to these issues we could become more involved and make a positive change. I truly believe that we need to focus on the similarities that we all have instead of the differences. I try to explore new cultures, new beliefs, new countries – If everyone were to try (optimal word here) to do the same, then we would all be in a far better place. Is it an easy thing to do? Absolutely not. Is it something that we need to do? I believe it is one of the most important things we should do to try and get in a better place.