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I have been absolutely terrible about updating my blog 😦

The time has absolutely flown by since my last post and there have been so many times that I’ve thought about posting, but lately I’ve been doubting myself. I’m not sure why, but I’ve seem to be in a writer’s funk – my confidence doesn’t seem to be there and when I start to think of a topic, I can’t seem to develop it. Even writing a book review lately hasn’t sparked the writing flow.

However, I’m glad today is the start of the 2016 NaBloPoMo. I’m going to use this opportunity to write every day no matter what. My students are beginning to write an essay where we are working on developing voice and one of the suggestions I gave them is to free write – to write for 3 minutes to get in to the flow of writing. I have told them that they should find what makes them unique and to develop their voice so that they stand out…

I need to rediscover my voice (again). Who am I? What makes my writing mine? How do I find my voice again? I’m hoping that through my NaBloPoMo writing I will be able to get there again. I think that I will find the inspiration that I’ve been missing. I’m looking forward to this journey and I hope you will join me! Comment below if you are also participating in NaBloPoMo and I will follow your posts as well!

Happy November and Happy Writing!