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I had a pretty good post planned for my Day 2 of NaBloPoMo (at least in my opinion). However, if you notice the date and time of this post…it’s already Day 3. So what happened to my Day 2 post? Don’t worry, that writing will happen…but something even bigger happened yesterday…

Yesterday/Early this morning the Chicago Cubs won the World Series!!!!!

This became an amazing thing for all Cubs fans, Chicago fans, Baseball fans, sports fans in general to watch. Game 7 last night was a historical game and not just because of the fact the Cubs WON!!! It was a crazy rollercoaster of a ride with home runs, a rain delay and an extra inning of play. Even as I finish writing this post it’s still crazy to think about…the emotions in the room I was in were ranging from elation and on the brink of celebration, to a deflated feel as the Indians tied up the game in 8th inning, to frustration as the tarp got rolled out, and then disbelief and more elation as the Cubs made it official.

I know that I won’t be the only one posting about this, and I’m definitely not the first…but I have an even cooler part than simply being excited at seeing the Chicago Cubs finally winning. The best part about yesterday/early this morning is that yesterday was my grandpa’s 86th birthday. Yesterday was the best birthday present this man could get. He is a lifelong sports fan and still watches every game he can – it doesn’t matter the sport. As I was watching the game, all I could think about was how cool it would be if the Cubs won on his birthday…and they did! My grandpa is the last of my grandparents and I think of him as a constant in my life. Last night was the best that I could hope for and the best that I could hope for him!


Happy Writing, and Go Cubs Go! We are flying that W flag today!