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As the idea for this post popped into my head, I realized that it was pretty closely related to “Doing Things Is Hard” – my previous post. Apparently these past few months have been about new things, new experiences, new limits – I’m thinking that it all started with a new house. :0

So with new responsibilities and a new approach to how time is spent (lots and lots of yard work), besides my running programs, there is a need for something other than my typical music stations I listen to on Pandora. Now don’t get me wrong, I love listening to my music, but after hearing the same songs over and over a few hundred times, I needed to be able to mix things up a bit more. I have to give one of my coworkers and one of my students credit for getting me hooked on listening to podcasts. Before a few months ago, I really wasn’t one to listen to podcasts…I’m not really sure why, but it was never really something that I had gotten in to.

However, once I started having conversations about what podcasts people were listening to, I was immediately hooked and started listening to podcasts myself. I started off with just one that I listened to online, then I tried the app SoundCloud. SoundCloud was fine, but I just couldn’t get my laptop and the app to sync so I spent time trying to find the last episode I had listened to before – it wasn’t conducive for what I was looking for. So I finally gave in to using the preset app on my iPhone to listen to my podcasts. This app worked out so much better for me and I started to grow my playlist(?), listening list(?), subscriptions(?) – I’m not really sure what to call the list of podcasts I listen to. But I was able to start with just one, and then as I grew more comfortable with listening to people talking (I’ve never really been one for audiobooks either), I started to grow the list of programs I’ve been listening to.

I’m still trying to grow my list as I discover what I like listening to best, but I’m having fun discovering. I do have to say though that I get a little bummed when I find a podcast that I might be interested in and it’s been going on for years – that just means it’s difficult to find the beginning and catch up from there. This is a list of the podcasts I’ve been listening to most recently:

My Dad Wrote A Porno – a hilarious podcast that I absolutely love!

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text – this podcast feeds into my love of Harry Potter with a new approach to reading the books 😀

Decoding Westworld – My husband and I are loving the show on HBO and this feeds us during the week between episodes with theorizing

EW’s Binge – another podcast focused around Harry Potter, but the rewatching of the movies (I sometimes disagree with what the hosts are saying though)

Revisionist History – very interesting full of new information for me as different topics are explored

I have found that when I am at school well after the students have left, and I’m grading journals and papers or planning the next unit, listening to my podcasts seems to help me pass the time a little faster. I’m still exploring this new approach (for me) to entertainment and information, so if you have any suggestions for podcasts to listen to I am open to any and all suggestions – just comment below.

Happy Friday and Happy Writing!