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When you think about doing things throughout out day, often times we follow a schedule. We know when we’re going to wake up, where we’re going…we have a plan. However, there are times when we do things and it’s hard – it’s really hard. Sometimes doing things is scary – especially when we push ourselves to try new things.

Lately, I’ve been trying and doing new things and there are times that it’s scary and difficult. When that happens there are the moments where I don’t want to try those things anymore because it gets hard, or I’m pushing myself beyond the point that I’m used to. For each one of us, that point of scary/difficult/uncomfortable/hard is different, but we all experience it as we take ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Sometimes we need to get pushed out of that zone by someone else. This is not always a bad thing – but there are occasions where that next step only comes with the help of someone else. I had this happen in September…well I guess it actually goes back to July. During a family reunion for my husband’s family, I started talking about running with some of his cousins. One of them brought up the Air Force Marathon race which takes place in September, and I was thinking “oh, sure, sometime in the future I would love to participate in some part of that race.” Next thing I knew, a spot had been reserved for me for this year (:0) and I knew that as soon as possible, I needed to start training for running a 10K in a short amount of time. I was freaking out! I hadn’t run a 10K in 3 years!

I know this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but to me it seemed like a huge challenge at the time. There were days when running a mile…sometimes even just half of a mile…seemed like an impossible thing – so running 6.2 miles? That seemed like insanity! But I was committed. By September I had to be able to run that far.

So what did I do? Did I hide in my house and refuse to answer any communication? Nope. Of course, there were days where I thought, “If I just don’t respond maybe I won’t have to run.” But I didn’t. I found a training plan to follow and I have a great friend who helped me with my training. And it was hard! It was difficult to follow that plan, it sometimes felt impossible that I would ever be able to finish a race that long again. Somewhere along the way though, I realized that I was capable. Somewhere along the way I started planning out my running routes that were 3, 4, 5 miles long. And somewhere along the way I signed up for another 10K (which I am actually running this weekend). And so, I did it. I completed the 10K in September. And what’s even crazier is that I enjoyed it!

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Am I the greatest runner out there? Absolutely not…not even close. But that’s not the point. The point is I did something and it was hard. I did a hard thing and I continue to do it because I know it makes me better every time I push myself.

So find your thing…that thing that makes you scared, but can also make you better. It doesn’t have to be a running thing like mine was, but it should be something that wouldn’t normally do. So, dear readers, feel free to share below what your thing is and I will continue to share mine. Happy Writing!