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Every New Year’s people make resolutions about “becoming healthier” or “going to the gym more” and others along those lines. We all have the very best intentions when we make these resolutions, but that’s part of the larger problem. We intend to change something and very often we make those first few steps, but it all comes down to what we intend to do. And this happens to us so many times in our lives: we intend to make that phone call, we intend to send that email, I intend to print off all of the pictures I took this year on my phone, and on and on and on.

So I knew that if I truly wanted to make a change – and I truly did – I couldn’t just intend for it to happen. Setting some sort of resolution at New Year’s because it’s “the thing to do” wasn’t going to help me on this journey. So instead, I started to seek out those who were like-minded and in many cases who were much, much better than me. I wanted to run. I wanted to be better than what I had been – I need to make a real change and not just one that I would stick to here and there and then pick it up again when I started feeling “fat” or terrible about myself again. I needed to have definable and measurable goals. And it’s that word GOAL that makes all of the difference to me. I was no longer going to simply intend or resolve to so this thing.

Nope! This time it was going to be different – but how? I needed to find some fit-spiration! And fit-spiration is what I found!

I’ve now been running consistently for about a year. I know it doesn’t seem like much – but it is most definitely a start. I won’t say that I’m always perfect about sticking to my schedule because I am not, but I will say that I have never felt more strongly committed to my running than I do at this moment. When I started running again a year ago, I set small goals for myself like running in a 5K in my community. I wasn’t great, but it felt great. And then summer hit and like always I would swing back and forth between running and not – so I set a new goal (unintentionally, and with some help from my husband’s cousin – unbeknownst to him) and that goal was to run a 10K in September. So to keep me motivated I enlisted the help of my friend who would run with me and make sure I was following my training schedule. Since she was doing this with me, we decided that we should sign up for a local 10K in November so she could also see the rewards of all of our hard work – and it was awesome to run with her in this race! Normally I’m kind of a lone wolf with my running, because I know I’m slower and I feel like I’m holding back a group, but I could see why people do it. There’s an awesome support group right there with you and you can rely on one another to push through the course.

Around this same time I started seeing information pop up in different places (mostly on Facebook) about virtual runs. I hadn’t heard of these before and I was curious but a little wary. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to fork over money for a virtual run that I didn’t know if I would actually get something or if it was all a big scam. Well I decided to throw caution to the wind and I signed up for a virtual race – the Elfie Run with FitFam. And I had so much fun interacting with people on-line and sharing stories and seeing the pictures that people posted! I knew that I had found “my people” and I never wanted them to leave me! So right after the Elfie Run I saw that FitFam was accepting applications for brand ambassadors. I decided to fill out the form to see what happened. I didn’t expect to hear anything, especially since I hadn’t been running a whole lot at that point. So I was super surprised and of ecstatic when I got the email saying I had been selected to be one of the 2017 Ambassadors for FitFam!

The FitFam group is such an amazing community and they are always there to support others as each person works to become the very best person they can, in whatever way they can and to achieve a healthier lifestyle that works for them. The great thing about this community is that, yes, there are virtual runs – but it’s more about supporting one another. That support was exactly what I had been looking for when I started this journey more than a year ago, and I keep finding others who are like-minded. I have grown to include other relationships through groups on Facebook and through friends of friends, but the ball really got rolling in showing me there was a group for me when I found FitFam.

This post has certainly become longer than I originally intended 🙂 and I love that you stayed with me the whole way. I will end it here for now – but this will not be the last of my Fit-spiration and my journey. Thanks friends and stay tuned for my next goal – running a half marathon!